Smart Switch Mobile

Smart Switch Mobile enables users to transfer data from an existing smartphone device to a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone, connected by high frequency audio. Content can be transferred in a fast and secure manner via the Smart Switch app, from Google Play.

The list of data which can be moved is extensive and includes; personal photos, playlist, text messages, wallpapers, calendar entries, notes, videos, call history, internet bookmarks, settings, and currently installed apps. The list goes on, and it can all be transferred in one click!

Why Choose Smart Switch Mobile?

The app is supported by Windows, Mac and Android, and it can be used when or where the user decides. It is convenient and secure so there is no fear of any loss of data, it’s up and running within seconds with no fees or hidden costs. Smart Switch mobile guides the user through the process of switching, a step at a time from beginning to end so it’s really easy for all people regardless of technical knowledge.

It’s important to notice that their are two versions of Smart Switch. First their’s Smart Switch Mobile it let’s you transfer data between devices e.g. mobile or tablet. Second their’s Smart Switch this is the version for your PC (Smart Switch PC) or Mac (Smart Switch Mac). Before it was done by software called Kies, but this you don’t need anymore only if your device is not compatible with the system requirements.

Smart Switch app IOS or Android deviceGalaxy to Galaxy

Galaxy to Galaxy has the easiest process, it’s a case of placing them next to each other (much like the use of Bluetooth) and transfer required data in the click of a button. Samsung devices compatible: Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Note I, Galaxy Note 10.1, and Galaxy Note 8.0.

iPhone to Samsung Galaxy

To transfer your old iPhone content directly to your new Samsung Galaxy phone it must have the Smart Switch app installed. All iCloud-enabled models, including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 are compatible for Smart Switch.

Other Smartphones

Other smartphones can transfer data to Samsung Galaxy but with a different process. Please see Smart Switch PC.

Smart Switch for Windows

When you get a new device it can be a real hassle to manually download all your apps and transfer all of your files across from your old device. You could easily spend hours going through everything you want on your new device, one by one. Or, you could transfer everything you need easily, safely and quickly by using your Windows PC, and Smart Switch for Windows.Smart Switch for Windows allows you to safely and easily transfer files, photos, music and apps from one smartphone to another, using your PC. While Smart Switch for Mobile is most commonly used for switching your content from one Samsung Galaxy to another; using your PC allows you to easily switch from an iPhone (even up to the latest iOS update) to a Galaxy, or indeed from any other Android phone. Smart Switch for PC can be used with almost any PC, no matter howSelect what to import from IOS device old. Using your PC to switch means you never need worry about switching to a new device again.

Smart Switch duplicates everything you’d want to keep from your old phone, and either transfers it to a new one, or simply creates a complete back up. This includes not just your photos and music, but also your Contacts, Call History, Text Messages, Events, Alarms, Bookmarks and even your Wi-Fi Settings.

Smart Switch makes it easy to switch phones with only one tool, and to find all your apps exactly where you would want them. Smart Switch for Windows gives you peace of mind – everything you switch from one device to the other is backed up on your PC, so you don’t ever need to worry about losing any of your data.

Smart Switch for Windows now works seamlessly with Windows 10, along with all previous versions of Microsoft’s operating system. Using the programme is simple to understand, and easy to follow, but it is always worth creating a backup of your device first. Once this is done, connect up your old device to your Windows PC with a micro USB cable, and select which files you’d like to save and switch. This can be as many or as few files as you would like – Smart Switch easily handles any size of content.

Next, once you have saved your content from your old device, disconnect it from your PC. Then, connect your new Samsung Galaxy device to your PC, and select what you would like to transfer onto the device. Press ‘Transfer’, and everything you’d like to transfer from your old device will be quickly and accurately transferred from your Windows PC onto your new device.

Smart Switch is the best way to switch files and data from an old device to a new Samsung Galaxy – using your PC gives you the certainty that your content is safe, secure and easy to access. Download Smart Switch for your new Galaxy device.